Fligar-Rishon’s Dwarf Mammoths

Fliga-Rishon’s dwarf mammoths are the smallest species of mammoths ever to have existed.  Even when fully grown they are never more than 1.20 m high and most are less than 1m.  They live in herds, led by a matriarch.   Unlike other species of elephants and mammoths, adult males stay close to the herd at all times although they prefer to do so at a slight distance from the females and young.

During the summer months herds are left to range freely over the fells and upper slopes of Fliga-Rishon’s mountains, but they winter in fields on their home farm where they can be sure to find food.   They have much more knobbly teeth than other mammoths  because, although they  mostly eat grass, they enjoy nibbling on other plant material  and are very fond of fruit.

Dwarf mammoths can live for more than seventy years and a strong bond develops between them and the farmers who care for them,   Indeed they are thought of as part of the family, rather than animals that are owned and treated accordingly.    

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