Dwarf Mammoth Football

Dwarf mammoths can be trained to play football and watching dwarf mammoth football is a popular pastime.   The mammoths are trained to kick, carry or throw a football towards their own goal, where their trainer stands encouraging them.   If they are successful in scoring a goal, they are rewarded with fruit.   Each village has its own dwarf mammoth team and much pride (and bets) rests on which wins the mammoth league.  Unfortunately this leads to a certain amount of cheating by supporters throwing fruit onto the pitch to confuse the rival team.

4 thoughts on “Dwarf Mammoth Football”

    1. Football league results will indeed be posted soon. The next match is Geffrin Tusks against Lower Marshbank Allstars. Geffrin Tusks are the stronger team and are expected to win, although LMA have a reputation for dirty tactics.

    1. Boris likes most kinds of fruit and has been known to wander into places where he is not supposed to be, like other people’s gardens to find it.

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