Fake First Mammoth Plot Foiled

Last Friday in a daring attempt to falsely claim the prize for the first mammoth of spring, a farmer attempted to pass off a one year old mammoth calf as a newborn. Considerable cruelty was involved as the calf, an unusually small female, had had her tusks shortened as well as her coat cut.  however this couldn’t fool count Geffrin’s expert assessors who examined the poor mammoth’s teeth and from these ascertained that she was a yearling.  Her owner, Guy Riche a wealthy farmer  from the Northern Mountain village of  Fatfield was arrested for fraud and the calf, christened Daffodil by the assessors removed along with her mother to a place of safety.  A spokesman for Count Geffrin described the incident as totally contrary to the spirit of the competition.

Search on to find First Mammoth of Spring

The race is on to find the first mammoth of spring after Count Geffrin generously offered a prize of one hundred shillings to the community in which it is born.   Despite communications with some of the higher villages still being difficult following last week’s unseasonably  heavy snowfall, it is hoped that there will soon be  a winner.   The birth of any mammoth must be verified by the local Justice of the Peace who will make all further arrangements.

In other news three children had a lucky escape after they became lost in heavy mist near Paysal, in the Northern Mountains.  They were returned to their homes by a mysterious woman on horseback whom the children described as a ‘kind lady in a thick red shawl’.  Not only were they kept warm and safe overnight, but the lady gave them each a handful of silver.   Their parents were reported to be overjoyed at their children’s safe return.