News from Fliga-Rishon 8

Should Railway to Gosk be reopened?

We can reveal that a number of wool merchants  have approached Prince Hugo and the queen’s council requesting that the railway to Gosk be reopened.   They stated that the railway would lower their transport costs and bring prosperity to the whole country.   In and off-the-record briefing a palace official described the proposal as ludicrously dangerous.  ‘What is wrong with airships?’ he said.  ‘We can’t have foreigners crossing the border, who knows where that might lead!’  When asked about the potential increase in living standards for the wool merchants and mammoth farming community he said that poverty is an attitude of mind and ‘if living in a one room hovel was good enough for their ancestors, it’s good enough for them.  Riches are over-rated.  Sometimes I can’t sleep all night for worrying about thieves stealing my gold cutlery.’