Letter from Michael Ilderton to Jane Hind

Dear Jane,

I really miss you all.   Geffrin is OK if you like a small town full of people who think you’re a thief just because all your clothes are a bit dusty.  I can’t help my clothes getting dusty because I have to sleep near the forge, which is good because it’s warm but everything gets covered in ash from the fire.  At least I get loads to eat.  Mrs Nicks says I have to keep my strength up or I’ll never be a blacksmith.  I spend most of my time working the bellows, but Mr Nicks has started to teach me how to bash the iron.  My muscles are already getting so big I’ll have to get a new shirt or I’ll burst my sleeves!

I get Sunday afternoon off and I was hoping to go to the Geffrin Tusk’s training ground and ask for some  tips on how training  Boris, but nobody can get to see anyone since the kidnapping.  Did you hear about the kidnapping? or rather mammothnapping? The Royal Guard were crawling all over the place for two weeks! One of them kept coming over to the forge and giving me suspicious looks.  He said people from the Southern Mountains like me were practically Gosks.  It’s a good job I wasn’t practising with the hammer  because I might have socked him one and then where would I be?

Please write soon and tell me how everyone is and especially how Boris is getting on.

Flaxfield Forever!

Michael Ilderton

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